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Our Story

Quality meals from humble kiwi beginnings


Living in Cambridge, famous for its trees, and its ability to produce champions in almost every sense of the word – equine, sporting, business and community; we love all that this town has to offer.  With a real gap in the market for convenient and healthy food for busy people, we put our thinking caps on.  Providing real, honest tasty foods in order to become the leading provider of convenient nutrition, Plate Me was born.

Our first step was finding the best nutritionist to design our recipes – a nutritionist who works closely with elite athletes was top of our list. Next was sourcing the best ingredients from the best suppliers. Partnering with Chef Ready Meats was a real highlight for us. To find a Waikato business owned by Warren Klein & Graeme Pilkington (together with over 40 years experience within the meat industry) supplying us with farm fresh beef, lamb and chicken was like winning a gold medal.

Along with this comes super fresh, delicious produce to go into our meals. Our steamed brown rice and chia is the perfect blend to pack a powerful nutritional punch with important benefits for your body and brain.

Lastly but certainly not least, our meals are cooked using the latest technology and have absolutely no artificial colours or preservatives. You can rest easy knowing you are eating some of the healthiest foods on the planet.


Nick and Wendy

Be an athlete, eat like an athlete

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